photo by  Austin Shaw

photo by Austin Shaw

photo by  Abi Storey

photo by Abi Storey



This is the part where I'm meant to talk about myself. Okay, let's do this... My name is Alex Shaw and I am a self-taught "creative" (it's fine, I roll my eyes at that phrase too). I love all things photography + videography and I will geek out during editing.

photo by mom xxxx

photo by mom xxxx

As an ambitious 9 year old, I asked Santa for a camera. M̴̴y̴̴ ̴̴p̴̴a̴̴r̴̴e̴̴n̴̴t̴̴s̴ Santa got me a little digital camera in which I used to document every single square inch of my childhood home and blade of grass in the backyard. Fast forwarding through the awkward years of middle and high school, my vague interest in photography and videography always stuck. I moved to Scotland to attend the University of St Andrews where I studied business management for 4 years. Living in a tiny fairytale fishing village on the coast of the North Sea will certainly inspire your creativity and I exponentially improved my photo and video skill in that period.

My self-taught learning experience is rooted in photographing my friends over and over until I began developing a personal style and properly learnt how to use a DSLR and Photoshop. Shout out to the hundreds of Youtube tutorials that helped me along the way.

Whilst I do love the technical aspects of creating a "good" photo, I don't think that's what draws people into an image. I thrive on the emotional and artistic aspects of photography and post-production, which I think is a reflection of my personality. I am so interested in what makes people unique and I also love making everything around me beautiful. Put those two things together and we've got the editorial lifestyle genre. I’m unconventional in my approach and rely a lot on intuition but I think that freedom breeds creativity and ultimately, a more real and beautiful capture.

For you nerdz, here's my standard kit and software: Canon 5D Mk IV, Canon 6D (backup), 35mm f/1.4 L, 70-200 f/2.8 L, Lightroom, Photoshop, Premiere Pro, After Effects (InDesign and Illustrator when I’m feelin’ spicy).

During a session, you can expect things to be causal, comfortable and fun. The last thing I want is for the camera to stress you out, so I’ll seamlessly tie in the photography throughout us hanging out. However, please note: you may have to put up with me squealing about how nice the light is and yelling "YASSS" if you pull a perfect Tyra Banks style smize. Don’t be fooled by the domain of my site - videography is growing and becoming about 50% of my work! I love both. Can’t choose. And you can’t make me.

My home base is the Florida Panhandle but am constantly in and out of our wee airport for domestic and international projects. I travel, like, a lot. Distance is never an inconvenience and I will always be open to travel. In fact, I encourage it. (So if you’re reading this from Greenland, please know that I will happily fly to you because wow have you seen how pretty your country is??)

I digress…

Please drop me an email in the contact page if you are interested in doing a shoot and/or for a coffee date. I would love to chat.


What others
have said...

“Being photographed by Alex was such a pleasant experience! She was professional and knew exactly what she was doing, whilst never being too pushy or making me feel like I was posing falsely. She captures spontaneous moments in images which are incredibly natural and look effortless! I didn’t feel like I had to try to make myself look good because I knew she was talented enough to do that herself, even when I may not have been paying attention! Professional photography with a personal experience. First class.”

— Mark Dawson

“Alex is the type of person who’s excellent in every area—in session, she’s the ideal balance of professionalism, yet kind enough to make you feel comfortable. And then, of course, when she delivers the final product...excellence all around! It’s a joy simply to be connected with her, because I know she’s going big places...but her photography is a great plus!”

— Elizabeth Taylor

“Alex isn’t your average photographer- she does not only take photos, she captures moments and immortalises them in your mind. Using her technical and aesthetic understanding of photography, Alex does not only produce excellent photographs, but memories. I would choose Alex over any other photographer and I have always had a positive experience working with her. I am not just a client but an admirer who actively looks forward to seeing her latest work.”

— Tatiana Bell

“She captures brief moments that may seem ordinary and turns them into extraordinary memories that can last a lifetime. Her positive, warm, and free-spirited attitude makes posing for pictures feel natural and comfortable. She notices that little beauties of life and turns them into works of art.””

— Alex Repko

“Alex shot my senior pictures, and when I received the final pictures, they far exceeded my expectations. Very professional and high quality photos. She made me feel so comfortable in my own skin during the shoot and they are to date the best pictures of me anyone has taken. Thanks so much for your generosity with your talent! I highly recommend working with Alex.”

— Mary Markert