Frequently Asked Questions


Do you deliver all the photos you take?

Nope! In a session, there will inevitably be duplicates, out of focus shots, test shots for lighting, derpy faces, etc. I will always select the best of the best for you. Promise!




What aspects of video production can you do?

Video was actually my first love before photography. Majority of the projects I work on, I’m doing everything from pre-production planning to filming and post-production editing. I love being a part of the full process. See examples of my work here.



How far do you travel?

You're talking to the right gal in regards to travel. Local, regional, international, intergalactic... I am keen to travel to you. I am based in the Florida Panhandle and service Fort Walton Beach to 30A. Beyond that, all I require a travel fee and a place to crash if longer than a day trip.

p.s. If someone reading this is thinking of doing a destination wedding or elopement, HIT ME UP. That would be a dream. Alright, carry on to the next FAQ...



Can I purchase the unedited images from a session?

I do not send or sell unedited images. They’re only 50% of the equation. When you hire me as a photographer, you're hiring more than just someone to take photos - you’re hiring my eye and artistic judgement regarding post-production. Editing is where my work really starts to shine!



Do you do custom photo packages?

Every project is unique and I'd love to work with you on something that suits your needs. Slide into the Contact page and give me a brief of what you have in mind.


Hey here’s a two sentence story: some friends and I once drove out to the middle of the desert one night to sleep in this yurt. We arrived at 2AM and got about a 3 hour nap before the sun began to rise.