Welcome to the site, i’m happy to have you. Do stay for a bit and have a look around, would you? I’ll get the kettle boiling.


so like, what do I do?

Eat, travel, exercise and these things:



your life as an editorial spread

The bread and butter.

Photography is so fun to me and I genuinely love taking photos of everything, so categorizing myself proves difficult. A blanket term is editorial lifestyle. My style captures a range of “warm” descriptions: authentic, free, whimsical, folksy… Have a look around and see what I mean.


full service film production

My first love.

Making videos was my first creative outlet in the digital media world and I enjoy being a part of each stage. It’s exciting to go from vision casting, logistics planning, shooting, through to the technical editing. Hollywood, here I come. Actually wait, let’s stick to small towns.

visual effects

a photoshop party

where the creative juices flooooow.

If I were to have a creative niche, this would be the section. My journey in learning Photoshop began with conceptual self portraits with really simple effects and they quickly became one of my favorite things to create. Scroll through to see a little peek into my imagination.


who am i?

moving diary 30.gif

this is not an existential question, I promise.


where I awkwardly tell you about myself:


I really like Instagram. If you do too, join the party:


*PSa* limiting time on social media is great for mental health, now go hang out with a friend


You made it to the bottom of the page? Excellent. You’ve found the best part of the site…my indie folk music selection: